About the Artist..from the artist




Greetings. I am Faithe or Faith with an E.  I have always introduced myself as "Faith with an E" because people always mis pronounced my name. I figured what better way to market myself and Faith With an E was born. I was born and raised in Long Island, New York. I don’t like the term digital artist so I’ll say I’m a digital painter. My love for art landed me in the Art Institute of NYC in 2013 where I studied Graphic Design. After graduation I had my heart set on being a graphic designer. I had three graphic design jobs and did freelance graphic design for awhile before I decided it just wasn’t for me. It didn’t come naturally to me and it wasn’t what I loved to do. So I decided to drop the designer off my title and became what I knew I was meant to be..an artist. In 2017 after dealing with some personal trauma I decided to focus on my art. Starting out I had no real vision or style..I just did what felt good to me. The more I created..the more I found my comfort and my style. I do all types of art but I focus mostly on black women. I am a black woman and I am raising two black girls and I want them to see beautiful images of black women and to see themselves. I want to look at the images and see myself. I want other women to look at the images and see themselves. To see our beautiful skin tones, our full lips, our enthralling natural hair and  be proud. I use bright vibrant colors, butterflies, flowers and distinct shapes to serve as the backdrops to the black images in the forefront. Which to me represents beauty, growth and resilience.. everything that we possess. I want the pieces to catch people’s attention and their interest. Some pieces are straight forward, they’re just beautiful and others can be interpreted and mean a variety of things depending on the viewer. I just want to create beautiful art and make a Statement. I want to inspire women..I want to inspire my daughters. What better way then to share the gift God has given me with the world.

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